22 Cheshvan 5778 – Chayei Sara

I had the privilege of introducing and hosting the Chief Rabbi of Israel at Maroubra Shule and Mount Sinai college on Thursday this week. In the Shule, I shared a

20 Av 5777 – Eikev

Mazal Tov! I take this opportunity in wishing the entire Sterling and Levitan families a joyous "Mazal Tov" on the occasion of Yishaya's Bar Mitzvah in Shule this weekend. In

27 Tishri 5777 – Bereishit

What a lively and exhilarating Sukkot and Simchat Torah we experienced at Maroubra Shul this week! I loved seeing so many people take part in our services and so many

6 Tishri 5777, Vayelech

Shana Tova to you. I hope you all enjoyed the atmosphere in Shule over Rosh Hashana and left as uplifted and inspired as I did! They tell the story about

7 Elul 5776, Shoftim

I just returned from the JNF Gala dinner where Entebbe Hero and previous IDF Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz was special guest. He was Commander of the Israeli security force

29 Av 5776, Re’eh

Shalom everyone! We have just returned from Israel after an inspirational two weeks. We were elated when dancing at my niece's wedding last week and also inspired after visiting many