10 Nisan 5780 – Tzav

Dearest Kehilla Another week has passed, another week of uncertainty as to where the world is headed. I hope you are all managing during this difficult time and I ask

8 Nisan 5778 – Tzav

Here is a short story that I recently came across to give us some inspiration in the midst of all our backbreaking Pesach preparations!  It was the afternoon before Passover, and

1 Nisan 5778 – Vayikra

Selling your Chametz: A Jewish 'loophole' or an important transaction?? Over the past few weeks, we have been distributing and advertising our 'Sale of Chametz' form. In place of my

12 Nissan 5777 – Tzav

I hope you are taking the time to invest in explanations for the Seders next week. Just look up and memorise a few ideas and take the interest and courage

5 Nissan 5777 – Vayikra

This Shabbat we welcome over sixty kids and madrichim (leaders) from the Bnei Akivah youth group who will be spending an entire Shabbat with us in Shule! Get ready for