17 Tammuz 5778 – Balak

THERE CAN BE MEANING AMIDST THE MADNESS We recite his words every morning upon entering a Synagogue: "Mah Tovu ohalecha yaakov.. How goodly are your tents, Jacob; your tents,

14 Kislev 5778 – Vayishlach

I look forward to welcoming all of our new members and new families for a special welcome kiddush after the service this Shabbat day. It's so wonderful being part of

17 Kislev 5777 – Vayishlach

I wish a very hearty Mazal Tov to the Potash family on Ben's Bar-Mitzvah this weekend. We can't wait to celebrate together with you! Allow me to share with you

10 Kislev 5777 – Vayetzei

I wish a warm welcome to all of the year 6 Mount Sinai students and parents who will be joining our Shabbat service this evening and attending a very special