5 Tevet 5778 – Vayigash

What it takes to be a leader? It is interesting to consider the lack of significant Talmudic commentary surrounding the festival of Chanukah. I mean, the other main festivals have their own dedicated books within the Talmud that details their laws and the intricacies of their practices. Let me give you some explanations.

28 Kislev 5778 – Mikeitz

Chanukah Sameach! This past week we held a packed event at Westfield Eastgardens which featured a Judah Maccabee show and a concert by the Mount Sinai junior Choir. We look forward to an exciting Chanukah weekend

24 Kislev 5777 – Vayeishev

It sure has been a busy week with school coming to a close and with Chanukah just around