Religious Assistant & Program Coordinator Position

We are seeking to recruit a Religious Assistant & Program Coordinator. Candidates must be supportive of the ethos of our community, working alongside our Rabbi to enhance our religious and educational offering.

26 Sivan 5778 – Shelach

What does an abundance of rain symbolise? With all the wet weather over the past week, I bring you a few statements from our ancient Jewish sources to ponder:

8 Cheshvan 5778 – Lech-Lecha

Happy Shabbat Project to you all!! I hope you enjoy this special weekend and take part in the many functions that our Shule has on offer. I am sorry that

30 Sivan 5777 – Korach

This coming Monday, we will be travelling with Chana Raizel's family on a two week trip to Eastern Europe where we will be exploring our family heritage and visiting some

16 Sivan 5777 – Behaalotecha

With gratitude to Almighty G-d, Chana Raizel and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary with the Shule this Shabbat! The two years have passed so quickly and so

10 Iyyar 5777 – Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

I had an interesting discussion this week with a young man about meaningful relationships. He posed to me deep questions that I am still thinking about today and which comprise