8 Nisan 5778 – Tzav

Here is a short story that I recently came across to give us some inspiration in the midst of all our backbreaking Pesach preparations!  It was the afternoon before Passover, and

1 Nisan 5778 – Vayikra

Selling your Chametz: A Jewish 'loophole' or an important transaction?? Over the past few weeks, we have been distributing and advertising our 'Sale of Chametz' form. In place of my

23 Adar 57778 – Vayakhel – Pekudei

Are we there for those who need us most? Over Shabbat, we will conclude the book of Shemot with an interesting story. the Jews had donated so much to

Purim 5778

Purim... Did you know? In the early 1950s, Joseph Stalin, the ruthless butcher of millions of innocent people, had bloody plans for dealing with the “Jewish problem” in the U.S.S.R. Just

9 Adar 5778 – Tetzaveh

An interesting Purim perspective The Talmud asks: "Why was annihilation decreed on the Persian Jews of that generation?" It answers: "Because they enjoyed the feast of that wicked man

2 Adar 5778 – Terumah

The most significant action of history was the creation of the world. So you would think the Torah would dedicate great space towards this phenomenon. Yet, there are only 31 verses on it, a complete contrast to the construction of a small tabernacle, the Mishkan. What is the message behind this?

25 Shevat 5778 – Mishpatim

Poking out an eye??  None of us are perfect. We all do things we regret. So how do we make amends? How do we correct a crime? The dilemma

18 Shevat 5778 – Yitro

I wish I could be like Roger Federer! Roger Federer is truly one of the great tennis players of all time. I watched the Australian Open final and emerged

11 Shevat 5778 – B’shalach

I think for most of us, life has suddenly become very busy! We seem to all be rushing again. Rushing... to make our appointments, arrange work meetings and ensure that

4 Shevat 5778 – Bo

Are you free? In the Kovno ghetto in the early 1940’s, an extraordinary scene took place in the makeshift synagogue. The worshippers already knew the fate in store for