3 Tamuz 5779 – Korach

I had the immense honour this week of participating in the induction service of the new Chief of the Royal Australian Air Force. One of the qualities that struck me

26 Sivan 5779 – Shelach

The ONLY perspective that breeds SUCCESS! How often have you not achieved something because you told yourself: "I can't do it"? To what extent does our own thinking contribute

19 Sivan 5779 – Beha’alotecha

Is humility just a glorified way of referring to someone with low self-esteem? In this week's Parasha Moshe is described as "exceedingly humble", more than any other person on

12 Sivan 5770 – Nasso

How do we inject new feeling into the daily, and sometimes repetitive, actions of life? The Torah portion of this week, Naso, contains over three columns of repetition when it

5 Sivan 5779 – Bamidbar

Shavuot message 2019 Can you be coerced into a relationship? Your gut feel is probably, no. That’s not the right way to enter a relationship. Relationships should be mutually

27 Iyar 5779 – Bechukotai

In order to cause real change in our lives we must implement our dreams through real action. The prophet Jeremiah witnessed the destruction of the Temple and foretold the exile

20 Ilyar 5779 – Behar

Do you live to work or work to live? Where do the true priorities of our lives lie? Most of us spend so much of our week, in fact,

13 Iyar 5779 – Emor

Do we cry or celebrate after the passing of a person? This coming week on Wednesday night we will be ushering in the joyous day of Lag B'omer. After

6 Iyar 5779 – Kedoshim

I was honoured to partake in a number of Yom Hashoa, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut communal events this past week. For me, most moving was the honour I received

29 Nisan 5779 – Acharei Mot

Responding to tragedy - You have nothing to fear As we commemorate Yom Hoshoah this week (Thursday), we remember the 6 million who were mercilessly murdered for one reason alone. Because