6 Tishri 5780 – Vayelech

By | October 3rd, 2019|

What an amazing attendance we had over Rosh Hashana in what I believe were some of the biggest attendances we have seen! Thank you for the great energy that you all brought with you and I hope your year has started with only blessings and joy. On Rosh Hashanah day

28 Elul 5779 – Nitzavim

By | September 27th, 2019|

There are only days to go till Rosh Hashana and I so look forward to seeing our entire community, all together, over the upcoming days.  Interestingly, this idea of community is a central theme in this week's Parasha, Nitzavim, which is always read on the Shabbat before these Days of

21 Elul 5779 – Ki Tavo

By | September 20th, 2019|

I won't see you all this Shabbat as I will be away on course. But here is something for you to think about. It's important in life, to just be you. Don't try and be someone else. It won't work and you will be robbing yourself of your greatest gifts.

14 Elul 5779 – Ki Tetze

By | September 11th, 2019|

I know people who spend hours a week trying to balance work, their personal trainer, the gym, golf, going on holidays, social activities, getting the latest phone or gadget and just ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. Between all of these activities, life gets really busy! But why is it that

7 Elul 5779 – Shoftim

By | September 5th, 2019|

Are we looking out for EVERYONE in our community? At this time of year I ask us to consider whether we actively seek out the welfare of those around us. Do we notice when someone doesn't quite look their regular selves and inquire about their welfare? Do we notice

30 Av 5779 – Re’eh

By | August 29th, 2019|

See(k) and you shall find Have you ever noticed how after you bought a new brand of clothing or car or fridge, you started to notice that same brand everywhere around you? Why is that? It's because when you focus intently on something, it becomes more precious to you

23 Av 5779 – Eikev

By | August 22nd, 2019|

The power of community It's  interesting how you can have nine jews consisting of the most righteous people, yet they can't complete a minyan and join together in prayer. Each of them may have the spiritual status or Abraham, the holiness of Moses or the Nobility of King David,

16 Av 5779 – Vaetchanan

By | August 15th, 2019|

What does a Mezuzah achieve? I remember as a kid, following lunch on Rosh Hashana, I would meet with friends to blow Shofar for those who may have missed hearing it in Shule that day. We walked up and down many streets, always looking for Mezuzot that would identify

9 Av 5779 – Devarim

By | August 8th, 2019|

In his work "Man's search for meaning", famous holocaust survivor and psychotherapist Victor Frankl analyses the psyche of the typical camp inmate. He suggests that those prisoners who had something to live for had higher rates of survival than those who didn't. To quote: "He who has a why to live can